Monday, March 22, 2010

Tom Russell

My connection to Ronni Bennett's blog, Time Goes By, just gets better and better. Yes, she is my personal friend, but more than that, I can always count on something interesting at her place when I visit.

One of her terrific guest bloggers, Peter Tibbles, posted a link to a blog written by artist, Tom Russell.

I have listened to Tom's music before, but had really forgotten about how much I really love his stuff.

His blog is a pleasure to read; postings with just the right length and with that special Texan viewpoint and intelligence that hooks me immediately. (Yes, Tom is originally from L.A, but he was surely given some Lone Star DNA in his pedigree. He calls El Paso home now!)

Put on my to-buy list, "The Man From God Knows Where", and I can't wait to listen to it. His blogsite linked above, his personal website for art and music is here.

Here's Tom as I like him best, all alone with his guitar. This is "Guadalupe":

Also found another music-minded blogger via the comments at Tom's blog that I'll be visting again soon, I Witness, written by Ed Leimbacher.


Kay Dennison said...

He is a wonderful artist and I've enjpyed his sounds for a long time!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom is one of my favorites, I have a whole bunch of his CDs.
If you don’t have them (or even if you do) I can recommend very highly "Cowboy Real" (this has the best song ever about a chook ("Gallo del Cielo").
I also suggest "The Long Way Around". This one is a (semi-) live album and he duets with Nanci Griffith, Iris DeMent, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Katy Moffatt. Joe Bob sez check it out.
Peter Tibbles

Cowtown Pattie said...

Tell Joe Bob I'm on it!

Thanks, Peter.