Friday, December 25, 2009


The question: can a blogger take a sabbatical and still come back stronger than dirt?

That shall remain to be determined here at TT. While I could blame all life's twisty turns on the stifling of my muse, the truth is the blog just became routine, boring, a dull drudge. I am nothing if not my astrological sign; Gemini. Focusing is not natural to me; I am all about the quick, the serendipitous, and prone to being fickle.


Writing is good for me, makes me do the thing I avoid, that is the aforementioned focus. So while I may have lost some very nice readers due to a lack of bloggy freshness, perhaps 2010 will be a rebirth of sorts.

Let's take a look at what the crystal Internet ball says for us astrological twins in the coming year:

Like most of the other signs, even Gemini is more likely to start with unexpected problems. Gemini year 2010 horoscope foretells some problems in the field of work and at workplace. A question arises about the stability of present income and career promotion may arise during the first quarter of the year. It is also possible that some of your office people will overtake you in some sensitive career related moves. It is almost difficult to expect career promotion and pay hike during this part of the year. It is also possible that you will never be able to reach that desired goalpost.

Hmmm, never reach that desired goalpost. Bummer. Personally, I believe goalposts are not particularly motivating and are highly overrated anyhow.

The 2010 Yearly Gemini horoscope for students, scholars and researchers indicate a mixed bag of predictions. However, they will need to put in lot of hard work to achieve desired success levels. Fickle mindedness and lack of concentration may lead to failures. However, Gemini students can perform better when they are under immense stress. Boosting confidence level may help these people to achieve what they want to, especially in the fag end of the year. Travelling is in the air for some Gemini people, especially in the areas of studies like foreign affairs and international relations.

Fickle we go again. Sigh. (And WTF is a "fag end of the year"?)

In spite of all odds and difficulties, Gemini people will experience very good health throughout the year barring occasional minor health problems. However, Gemini people may face some health problems related to nervous systems and digestive canals. Gemini 2010 yearly horoscope ensures better health and mind throughout the year.

Well, that's nothing new; friends are always reminding me I am full of crap.

Recommended Remedies for you during year 2010
1 Rain water bath is the best remedy for you.
2 Give food to the crows regularly.
3.For prosperity, give food to three street dogs daily.

Okay then! I'm off to Home Depot for a rain barrel, birdseed, and Milkbone. (If I walk my three canine kids every day does that qualify for the street dog category?)

2010. Weird to contemplate and so beyond Orwellian.

Think deep.


la peregrina said...

Merry Christmas, Tex. :)

.."can a blogger take a sabbatical and still come back stronger than dirt?"

Yes, get a bottle of Ajax cleanser and you will be back in blog business- metaphorically speaking.

PS- Am also a Gemini so bring back a rain barrel, birdseed, and a box of Milkbones for me, too.

Kay Dennison said...

Merry Christmas!!!! And golly gee whiz I have missed you greatly!!!

I did my own self-imposed sabbatical a short while back and I don't know that I'm up to speed yet but I am back.

Just do what feels right for you and I'll be here to comment when the spirit moves you to blog!!!!

Again, Merry Christmas and a bundle of hugs!!!!

joared said...

I'm thinkin' deep but my thots are not too profound as you've given me some heavy duty stuff to ponder.

Take whatever time you need then, hopefully, you'll return rejuvenated with your always interesting perspective.

I think we're living in highly erratic times during which the unpredictable prevails. Often desirable events can be viewed in retrospect as having evolved during periods such as these though they are not recognized as being such at the time. The challenge is to persistly pursue the positive, whatever the circumstances.

Perhaps you'll want to keep writing at your whim, even if its only for yourself if not here.

joared said...

Did I mention I wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas wishes wrapped in hugs!

joared said...

"The challenge is to persistently pursue the positive, whatever the circumstances." Helps if you can spell, too, and then there's editing.....if I keep trying maybe I'll get it right -- no wonder you're considering a sabbatical with comments like mine!

Cowtown Pattie said...

It's settled - I shall persistently pursue the positive.

Thanks, ya'll.

Whisky Prajer said...

"Feed the crows" strikes me as innately sound metaphorical advice -- in reality they're just too noisy to have over on a regular basis. As to what larger realities the metaphor might include, I'm a little clueless. You might want to see Prairie Mary about that.

I may have said this here before, but it seems to me that the five year mark is a big one for bloggers. I know I certainly don't have the blogular snap I did at the four-year mark. This sixth year has been a bit of a blog-slog, and year seven is likely to be juuuust a little slower. I'm not sure I'm ready for a sabbatical just yet, but if that's the direction you're heading you do so with my blessings. I'll keep checking back regardless, just in case the crows have spoken back.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

JoeOut West said...

When ya hot ya hot, and when ya not ya not.
When you write well, you don't have to write often if you don't wanna.
I don't think you're going to lose any of us loyal readers in the meanwhile.

Cowtown Pattie said...

WP - crows are circling my house daily. Will check with Prairie Mary on the significance ;-)

Joe - I figured you'd be a Jerry Reed fan!

Ya'll are all too kind. Love you bunches.