Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sage Saul

Saul Friedman has a terrific post today over at Time Goes By (Ronni Bennett's blog).

Very much worth the time it takes to read, hie thee quickly for an invigorating and intelligent discussion.

Here's Ronni's quick bio on Saul:

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Saul Friedman (bio) writes the twice-monthly Reflections column for Time Goes By in which he comments on news, politics and social issues from his perspective as one of the younger members of the greatest generation. His other column, Gray Matters, formerly published in Newsday, appears each Saturday.

I am pleased to see Saul regularly posting at TGB. His insight is not only free, it's like a home-cooked meal of easily digested intellect in a world where that commodity seems forever in short supply.

Don't forget your table manners and your knife and fork! Dig in!


Ronni Bennett said...

Aw, Pattie, you say the nicest things. Thank you so much.

joared said...

I agree with you, Pattie, glad to see Saul at TGB and that is a really excellent piece he's written.

Darlene said...

Saul Friedman is one of my favorite columnists and I always look forward to reading his commentary.