Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bengeman & Priccila


Who knew all those history text books didn't know the proper spelling for that irascable old founding father, Bengeman Franklin?
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And to think we've been spelling "Priccila" all wrong, too!!!


joared said...

Well, I'm sure glad to get this spelling lesson straightened out.

I keep having trouble getting my first name spelled correctly as two words, and I have no middle name. I'm not going to have a tombstone, so I won't have to worry about 'coming back' to check on that. When I 'come back' I want to spend my time doing other things.

Darlene said...

I guess spelling was a problem for earlier generations, too. Here I've been blaming text messaging for the poor spelling of my granddaughters.

Pancho said...

Whoa..! When I first saw Priccila Davis [even mispelled] I thought this might be the famous Ft. Worth Priscilla Davis....wife of Cullen.