Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mummer's Dance

Once upon a time, my daughter was listening to this on a family car trip - long before the advent of iPods. She had a portable cd player with earplugs. I remember being blown away by this song.

What is it about the mysterious northern Shetland Isles of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides? I have always felt a strange kinship whenever I look at photos of these faraway places.

Now Loreena McKennitt is a forever favorite of mine. Sometimes teenagers have terrific taste! Thanks, Larissa!


kenju said...

Those who believe in reincarnation would say that you feel that kinship because you have lived there in a previous life.

Darlene said...

The scenery was just beautiful. I feel like I just had a trip to Scotland.

The lochs are just beautiful and I even enjoyed seeing Nessie.

Thanks for the tour.

lara said...

Mom, I love love love that song.. always have.... thanks for bringing back some good memories today -- i truly needed it

Anonymous said...

Scotland is one of the countries that has long been high on my list of places I want to visit -- has always drawn me. This music is hauntingly mysterious and appealing with the spectacular videos serving to reinforce my attraction there.

(note: tried to get identity and email address corrected but blogspot didn't accept so am signing Anony.)