Friday, August 07, 2009

Salmagundi Friday

Today is a mishmash of worthless pop trivia, but with a tie in to good-for-you literature!

I would admonish you to try this without the aid of Google because that's sort of like cheating. No, it's really cheating!

No prizes, no special awards other than a chance perhaps to puzzle a bit for fun.

1. From what literary character did Hawkeye Pierce get his name?
ANSWER: Pierce's father was said to have read only one book in his life - Last of the Mohicans. The character in the book, Natty Bumppo, was also known by the nickname of "Hawkeye". Hence, Pierce's moniker.

2. Zooey Deschanel, movie actress, was named after a male character in what Salinger-created family?
ANSWER: The Glass Family

3. Elvis and Shakespeare come together in what Broadway musical?
ANSWER: All Shook UP!

4. Though The Departed scores heavily in the violence category, from what literary genius (more known for his moralistic and puritan-like stories) does the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio quote often throughout the film?
ANSWER: Nathaniel Hawthorne

5. In what Hemingway-adapted story does movie-star cum president, Ronald Reagan, play a bad guy?
ANSWER: The Killers

6. The loveable Daffy Duck has a run in with Hugo, the abominable snowman, in the Warner Brothers' cartoon, The Abominable Snow Rabbit. On what Steinbeck character was Hugo based on? (Hint, "I will name him George and I will hug him and squeeze him and pat him and pet him and rub him and caress him").
ANSWER: Lennie Small


bill / prairie point said...

Well, I know 1, 2, and 6.
I ought to know the answer to 5 since I watch a lot of old movies but I must have missed that one.
I have no ideas at all on 2 and have never heard of The Departed.
So I only score a 50

wally said...

I only know two.
2. Frannie and Zooey
3.Of Mice and Men

Cowtown Pattie said...

Bill - the title of the story in number 5 is basically one word, if that helps?

Wally, I was looking particularly for the family surname, but I imagine you know what it is!

Anonymous said...

There was no question in your quiz, to which I could supply an answer. Some of us are just not that movie literate. Your knowledge is amazing!
Cop Car