Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Death to Facebook and Other Life Oddities

Nope, I didn't join the Peace Corps and move to some remote exotic island to teach poor islanders how to grow edible hemp, but I have joined the ranks of the odious Facebook and Twitless Twitter Movement. Jsut so much time in the evenings after the daily grind, and I have been spending it frivolously, trying to convince myself I like it, I really like it...just give it a more lengthy testing.

I went there, tried it, bought the tee-shirt and now I am tired of all the shinola.

So, here I am again mixing misery and gin, sittin' with all my friends and talkin' to myself, I look like I'm having a good time, but any fool can tell, that this Honky Tonk Facebook really makes you feel like hell.

(With apologies to Merle.)

I think I'll close up my FB page and stick the one who brung me to the dance - blogging.

Twitter can join FB in the ranks of "who truly gives a crap about knowing every meaningless thought of every person on the planet." It ain't me, babe.

I am at risk of becoming a curmudgeon before my time. Sigh. Just when I thought I was techno-grannie, too. Me obsolete? NEVER.

Uh huh.

Give me some real food for thought, blogs that enrich both the mind and the soul: Time Goes By, Citizen K, Coyote Crossing, Elusive Abstractions, Along the Way, Fool in the Forest, 2blowhards, Whiskey Prajer, or any of the Herd listed in the lefthand column over there.

I've grown older and wiser blogging with these intelligent friends.

So to all my lighter weight acquaintances and non-acquaintances, go Tweet yourself.


K. said...

I was wondering what in tarnation happened to you!

Twitter: I haven't figured out an intelligent use for it that would make me stand out. It's like that Far Side cartoon of one penguin among thousands singing "I Gotta Be Me."

Facebook: Nice for reconnecting with old friends and posting pictures. Not so nice for writing.

Blogging: Great for reading, writing, and making new friends.

Thanks for the plug!

bill / prairie point said...

So far I haven't been convinced by Twitter but I am a big Facebook fan. I have regular conversations on FB with cousins whom I used to see only once a year, and some I've never even met. I can keep up with the lives of my grandchildren, and nieces and nephews who live hundreds of miles away.

When I first joined I was skeptical. But after a certain critical mass of "friends" who update regularly it started to become interesting.

Whisky Prajer said...

Nicely put, CP. But I have to admit I'm enjoying goodreads. Your thoughts?

Cowtown Pattie said...

Yes, WP, I really do have fun at Goodreads, but I must confess to not keeping up my booklists. Sort of like high school in terms of posting those pesky reviews (even though I depend on them when making new reading choices).

Bill, for whatever reason, FB and Twitter give me the hives now. My family is close enough to spit on anyway, so the connectivity feature is not really an issue.

K., you just call out my name and you know where ever I am, I'll come running...to read your blog again. LOL

Ronni Bennett said...

Good for you and glad you're back. Twitter and Facebook are mysteries to me. There are only one in a million (ten million?) who - and then only occasionally - can say anything thoughtful, useful or worth the time to read it in 140 characters.

Lately, I've been wondering if we old folks are the last generation that will be capable of having an extended thought.

Welcome home, Pattie.

la peregrina said...

As Ronni said, "Welcome home, Pattie." Glad you are back. :)

Roberta S said...

Pattie, have you any idea how close you were to being sucked in by a force of foolishness that could have held you forever? I am so glad you escaped. I am so glad you've come back.

Back to a blogger world of greater exposure handed out with more dignity...and blogger friends that we only wish we had known sooner.

I started reading this and thought with a sudden rush of sadness that I was going to lose another blogger friend. Happy smile and a sigh of relief when I realized I wasn't. (Hugs)

Elderwoman said...

I find FB useful for the same reason Bill does - keeping track of family, friends and acquaintances around the globe. I call it 'back-fencing'. By which I mean exchanging, with folks I rarely see or hear from, some of the superficial chat I probably would have with them if they lived here in my village. But for deep and meaningful conversation - yes, forget it! And as for the inane games and the exchange of virtual roses and teddy bears - yeucchh !!

Alice said...

I'm so glad to see someone else feels the same way about Facebook. I, too, became a member and aside from forgetting my password all the time (Freudian?) whenever I go in I feel like I'm in high school all over again and I never cared for high school all that much in the first place. It's back to who's the most popular or something, and I'm one of the popular ones nor do I care to be. Anyhow, I found you through Ronni's site today, although I must say your name is a draw all by itself, as I grew up a long time ago on a farm with lots of those around!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Elderwoman (Marion), hey, nice to hear from you! I am way behind my postings at your (oops, OUR) place ;-)

Alice, I laugh because when I first started this blog with the moniker "Cowtown Pattie", a lot of folks naturally shortened it to "Cow Pattie", which is a whole 'nuther thing entirely LOL! And certainly, I intended the humor in the blog hostess name ;-). Thanks for the nice comments, and ya'll come back, ya heer.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you. I am pulling my Twitter block off my blog, and I have been absent from my facebook page for so long its like I dropped off the facebook planet. I never did understand it...

I know that blogging changed my life and has given me a voice that I wouldnt have had otherwise. Im glad to have gotten to know you and the rest of the herd... You are awesome


Anonymous said...

I agree with Marian on the stupid fun and games that some people seem to enjoy playing on FB. They strike me as a complete waste of time. Early on, I was tempted to "join" something on FB, but backed out of it (and all of the cutesy quizzes) when the site wanted permission to access my FB page, including my Friends. No way, Jose!

Pattie--Being from a farming family, why is it that it would never have occurred to me to shorten your moniker so bizaarly? Shame on them!
Cop Car

Wanda said...

Welcome back. I've missed ya.