Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet Little Billy Bad Ass!

The newest denizen of my domain:

Hmmm, says Billy Bad Ass, this sure smells weird, but looks like it has milk in it!


Look at that will ya? That man is nuts! (Billy Bad Ass is watching the Dog Whisperer. I can already tell he's fan!)


Who, me? Billy Bad Ass Cat? I'll take ya, c'mon.


Kman has been calling "him" (we aren't too sure of the gender just yet) Squirt, the Shop Cat, but the tough guy swagger the little fellow has is far more suited to my choice of names: BBA or Billy Bad Ass.

I never knew it was so hard to photograph an animal...I'll never brush off as amateur any cat photos in the future.
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bill / prairie point said...

we were watching a movie on the tube last night when we saw a tiny kitten face watching us through the door that opens onto the deck. its momma peeked in too a minute later. don't know where they came from but tricia had to put out a little bowl of food for them. so they will probably return.

we see all kinds of animals looking in that door - possums, raccoon, fox and of course stray cats.

Anonymous said...

Pattie--It really is difficult to photograph animals; but, you've done a good job. Cute kitty!
Cop Car

joared said...

Cute kitten and good shots! When Billy Bad Ass has kittens, what are you going to name her???

Anonymous said...

Betty Bad Ass of course very cute little fuzzball