Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Texas Speed Bumps

A little mood music, maestro, please:

Chomp down some Armadillo Eggs!
The armadillo egg seems horrible if you are a context clues type of person like me. You are thinking… well shit, I don’t want to eat an armadillo’s eggs… ewww! Settle down, don’t worry about it, you aren’t helping armadillos get rid of illegitimate babies or anything. There is no armadillo at all in these little guys. No armadillos were injured to bring you this post, just jalapenos, a few pigs and cheese from a cow… that should have went to a baby… that is likely dead because of your addiction to barbeque. But other than that, you should be able to sleep well tonight. ;)
Quoted from blogsite Double Danger, blog owners: James and Mashala Cross

You gotta love this home boy, Dr. Dirt - The Armadillo Archeologist!

Very cool armadillo clip art!

Keep track of time Texas style: armadillo wall clock.

One Ton Armadillo!

Dorothy Saves the Day:

Dorothy Epp Catches an Armadillo - Celebrity bloopers here


Kay Dennison said...

Great post!!!

I saved that recipe for armadillo eggs -- it's not only a hoot, it's a damned good recipe!!!!

Ronni Bennett said...

I love that video - poor little guy in the swimming pool. They're such funny-looking animals. Like from the dinosaur era.