Sunday, February 15, 2009

Music Hath Charms...

...And the soothing properties differ from breast to breast. No snickering please. And no, it is not "beast".

Ronni, who blogs at Time Goes By, has posted her own versions of "happy music" over at her place. Good stuff it is, too. At her request, I shall give you (courtesty of YouTube - what did we do without it?) a few samples of music that make me smile.

Some tunes evoke memories of my childhood, when my dad and my grandfather would sit around and play on the violin, guitar, and harmonica. Very talented, they could pick up any instrument and create magic. They played by ear and had quite the repertoire of tunes. My grandfather worked more than three decades for the Santa Fe railroad and one of his favorite artists was the Singing Brakeman: Jimmie Rodgers. You may think this is an odd choice for a "happy song", but I can close my eyes while listening to this song and I am suddenly watching my dad and my grandfather pick 'n grin:

True to my country roots, I can always improve my mood with a little Merle Haggard or Marty Robbins. Here is a hilarious video of Merle imitating Marty (and on the money it is, too), as Marty looks on. Be sure to watch Marty's face when Merle starts the chorus high notes. I roll on the floor every time:

As a budding teenager, most funky moods could be eased with that special tune from a Motown artist. Lots of these songs were frequently played at the local skating rink where I honed the young teen-aged skill of flirting with the boys. Uh huh, I hear you snappin' those fingers:

And you can't keep a bad mood goin' on while listening to Tammi and Marvin:

Movies with memorable music can work wonders on any bleak day. This movie is a big favorite of mine; I adore this clip of Topol as Tevye:

Audrey Hepburn as Eliza in My Fair Lady gives my heart a lift, both for the tune and the memories of introducing this wonderful film to my daughters:

And who can resist the remarkable Judy Garland? The Trolley Song may seem a slam dunk for this topic, but it is great:

Okay - what is your choice of "happy music"?


Kay Dennison said...

We have a LOT music in common, too! I will post some of mine soon! Rough week ahead!!! In the meantime if you want a giggle. Go look at the pics of little Kay!!

Joe Out West said...

When Merle hit the high notes Marty Robbins looked like a rooster that just saw Colonel Sanders drive up! That was too funny!

This is one of my all time favorite happy songs, and I like this version best because in this clip it's my very own daughter playing and singing, which makes me even happier. Yes, I did teach her the song, and yes, she now does it lots better than I can.


Cowtown Pattie said...

Kay - I'll go take a looksee at young Miss K!

Joey, I'd be proud, too! Can't get happier music than your own kid doin' her thang!

K. said...

Show music always cheers me up. Like this.

la peregrina said...

That was fun. Never heard the Jimmie Rodgers version of In The Jailhouse Now before, only the Johnny Cash one. Very nice. The Tammi Terrell/Marvin Gaye clip was bittersweet. God rest their souls.