Monday, January 05, 2009

I've Been Gizmo'd

Christmas brought two new electronic gadgets to the CP household:

(1) An Ion USB Turntable

(2) A VuPoint 35mm Slide and Negative Converter

The turntable was a gift from a son and a daughter, and the slide converter I bought for myself to turn about a gazillion slides into digital photos for my daughters as a special Christmas surprise.

Egads and little cowboys, these two gizmos are major time eaters! Considering the gazillion slides and the 367 albums (which you have to multiply times 2 for full recordings), I have enough "work" to carry me through to the next millennium it seems.

Suffice to say, I did not complete the slide project by December 25th, but I did have enough done to burn a set of 150 slides to disc for my girls. Only about 500 more slides to go...

The turntable came with two types of software - one that is beginner/novice easy and the other requires someone with a masters degree in sound technology. I have no idea how to do more than try to remove a few pops and whistles. Even then, if not careful, you can "clean" the file so much the sound is substantially reduced to something unlistenable.

Audacity -good name for this software. I am overwhelmed when looking at all the technical jargon for this program.

Anyone else get gizmo'd for Christmas? I must learn to be careful what I ask Santa for next year...

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Whisky Prajer said...

Looks like you went and tidied up your blog template, too. Some kinda woman!

Just a small word of advice: don't throw out those slides. It's not unlikely they will retain their integrity longer than your digital files of them will retain theirs.

Our family has been outfitted with the Wii-Fit. I'm not sure it's going to alter my BMI any, but it certainly adds an unexpected pain-quotient to the lower half of my body.

Happy New Year!