Saturday, January 10, 2009

Passionate Kisses & Nasty Bugs

In Ye Olde William S's time, these two phrases went hand and, pilgrim lips to blushing ones?

Much as I love a goodnight smooch, I told Kman we might ought to lay off our favorite past time due to the indubitable fact we have swapped some might cantankerous germs.

I think I started the whole cultivation - probably acquired from too many grocery cart handles, and from being in and out of my mother's assisted living building. Since right after Turkey Day I have fought an URI (upper respiratory infection for you laymen) off and on. Right after Christmas, Kman took the croup.

Last Wednesday night, I coughed my right lung out. Yep, flopped right on out like a half-dead crappie, wiggling on an invisible hook. Thursday morning found the left one arguing with me.

I capitulated (love using that word, just don't get the chance often enough) and called upon higher medical powers, my doctor. I have a manageable case of pneumonia.

So, if my writings seem somewhat odd, blame it on the Leviquin and the Medrol dose pak, the depletion of serious oxygen and piss-poor sleep.


Kay Dennison said...

I've been fighting a bug since October. My doc is no help at all.
You have my empathy.

la peregrina said...

Been sick too or I would have dropped by sooner. Hope you are feeling much better in a very short amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for identifying the floppy, pink, giant gelatinous balloon that I saw flopping down the main street of Wichita KS. Had I realized that it was your lung, I woulda taken it to the bus depot and shipped it home to you. Sorry. It's probably nearing the eastern coast of California, by now.
Cop Car