Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Trip Photos




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Bill said...

Cool gas station. Was the price 17 cents a gallon?m

Norm said...

Looks a lot like Southern Utah. Thanks for the great pics.

la peregrina said...

Cool, you were in Bob Wills' home town. Did you sing New San Antonio Rose as you drove through?

Cowtown Pattie said...

Notice the cotton fields beneath the Turkey, Texas sign?

"Deep within my heart lies a melody..."

Bill, nope not even close to 17 cents, but aren't those old pumps cool?

Norm, I know! I've been to Arches National Park, and these red cliffs reminded me of them. Got the same red dirt all over the tent floor.

la peregrina: Oh, we sing everywhere!

K. said...

Love the picture of the Turkey Tex sign. There are some really good Bob WIlls clips on YouTube. Stay tuned to Citizen K.!

Anonymous said...

Well...finally...Pattie posts something about a musician of whom I've heard--Bob Wills. Yes, we listened to a lot of, "Deep within my heart...." with Bob and Johnnie Lee Wills on KVOO when I was a kid. A...hah!
Cop Car