Saturday, October 11, 2008

If You Got the Dinero!

And who can find fault with a Saturday night selection of the Texas Tornados and this little ditty, featuring Flaco Jimenez (the conjunto accordian player for the uninitiated), Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm (yes, THE MAN of the Sir Douglas Quintet), and Augie Meyers? A toe-tapper deluxe! Sadly, Freddy and Doug are not with us anymore.

Here is Augie Meyers MySpace site.

You gotta listen to "My Freeholies Ain't Free Anymore". And for some serious Texas blues, listen to "9 Million Pictures" at same place.

And who can have a Saturday night without that well-loved, "Hey, Baby, Que Paso?" (official anthem of San Antonio)?

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la peregrina said...

Thanks, Pattie, It is now Monday but after listening to the songs it feel like Saturday night. :)