Friday, September 19, 2008

On White Privilege

This Is Your Nation On White Privilege, written by Tim Wise over at the Red Room blog, will make you stop and think regardless of your party or philosphical bend.

Many thanks to Kent for sending the link my way.

I don't think Tim Wise has gotten everything right, but his words surely give you something else to think about other than your investments going down the toilet like a rogue Tidy Bowl under-the-rim tablet that's lost it's plastic clip.

And I got a kick out of this from one of Tim's commentors:

Thank you, Tim, for your clarity and pointed comments. As an older white broad(occasional chick), I am apalled at the attention given to this Geezer/Gidget ticket. John McCain must think that we women are incredibly stupid and will vote for this cosmicly flawed duo just because there is a woman there. I haven't lived for 60 years just to be duped by this obvious pander to the women of America. I survived a husband in Vietnam X2, the 60's, the Beatles' breakup, Reagan, inflation in the 70's, the death of Harry Chapin, Disco, transcendental meditation, the boring 80's, kids' graduating from high school, then college, even becoming a granny. So, while Palin is damn scary, I think I can survive her pretentious little threat to become VP.

We've come too far to take such a giant step backward. This country is worthy of so much better.

Mon, 09/15/2008 - 6:46pm — Susan Knott

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