Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Man, Browne

My beloved favorite musician (okay, so yeah, I say that about James Taylor, Townes Van Zandt, Paul Simon and Jimmy Buffet but who's keeping score?), Jackson Browne, has a new cd: Time the Conqueror.

I think even with just the brief listen-through of the offered clips, I am already enamoured.

He's gonna be at Nokia in Grand Prairie in October, but dang...on a Wednesday night?

Us old farts gotta work the next morning... makes me weary just thinking about arriving home around midnight and work the next day.

But, still...a chance to hear and see The Man Browne?

Shall contemplate.


bill/prairie point said...

He's great. Go ahead, live on the edge! You're only young once.

But not me. I can't handle the crowds and traffic anymore, not to mention the lack of sleep. I'll settle for listening to a recording.

K. said...

I know what you mean, but I've been to Grand Prairie. The show will start on time and you'll have comfortable seats. Hey, Jackson is no spring chicken himself!

Janie said...

That would be FUN!