Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Do You Feel... Framptonish?


Okay, my secret is out... I once was Peter Frampton's twin sister....
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I wouldn't want to be that young anymore, but I do envy the days when I could eat like Michael Phelps and still maintain a Twiggy-like figure.

And here was a popular tune around the year this photo was taken (Good gravy, were we that goofy back then? I don't recall my crowd being quite so...nerdy. But, then again, that photo...):

Now, if there was ever any doubt about my age, these three references clear that right up:

Peter Frampton
Deep Purple


Bill said...


Ronni Bennett said...

Yes - you COULD have been Frampton's twin almost. I love it.

la peregrina said...

Ohh, Jimmy Mac
You better hurry back.

Framton, Twiggy, Jimmy Mac, and Deep Purple. Could it be any better?

That YouTube clip of Framton. It reminds me of the night I heard him sing that song live at Red Rocks in the foothills outside Denver.

Memories :)

Anonymous said...

mom, you didnt want to post a pic of me as your evil twin? I need to send you one so that we can put a comparison and see what people think hahah

K. said...

Fire in the sky! A friend's 12-year daughter learned the opening riff on piano. I helped out by getting her to add "Iron Man" to her repertoire. This induced a raised eyebrow from her piano teacher!