Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Citizen K

It is wonderful to have readers, and more wonderful to find comments left by those visitors. And how delightful is it to discover an intelligent, well-written blog via a new visitor?

Quite delightful.

Citizen K is a son of Texas and though he has chosen to live in the Pacific Northwest for the past 18 years, it is true that Texans like folks to know "where they're from". His most recent post is a jewel and I wanted to share it here.

I can't wait to explore his music links and take a gander at the blogs he reads daily. Oh, yeah, Citizen K is headed on over to my sidebar and blogroll for sure.

Ain't blogging grand?


K. said...

Thanks so much!

Consider Texas Trifles to be part of the Citizen K. blogroll.

Kay Dennison said...

I'm adding him, too, Pattie!!! He's truly excellent. Thanks!!!!