Monday, June 16, 2008

Have a Great Bloomsday!

If you aren't a James Joyce fan, you might not understand today's blogpost title. Bloomsday celebrates the main character, Leopold Bloom, in Joyce's epic book, Ulysses.

I never could get enthralled with it. Just not my plate of kidneys. So, I found Chapter 1 online, Ulysses for Dummies - beats Cliff notes any day.

Maybe I should give old Poldy another shot...

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Pete said...

Back in the '70s, I spent two years in a Ph.D. program at the University of Tulsa surrounded neck-deep with people who just looooooved Joyce and every damn word he ever wrote.

I once spent an hour or two with Ulysses and found it to swing back and forth between self-important obscurity and silliness. I never felt the need to go back to it.

(Note to Texas Trifles readers: if this comment offends you, please accept my condolences. Don't hold it against Pattie. She had nothing to do with it!)

Anonymous said...

Hello CP,

I tried to send you (private) mail, but as my mailer is not working from this remote location (I am traveling), I'll have to take this public, as I'd like you to get it now.

As one of the commentators that I looked forward to reading (along with Cop Car), I offer my apology for jumping down your throat - it was rude, and I am sorry. My dander and yours can duke it out, but I hereby admit to being more interested in friendly discourse than in adversarial battles.

Just let it be that we have different views, politically, and yet, we can still both be good and decent people.

I'm taking a (permanent) break from 'time goes by'. It was mostly a diversion, as I really need to stick to science/math/engineering sites given my work. Until this political circus dies down there is likely to be a lot more name calling, whether outright or implied, or subtle. I'll stick with science until the curtains fall on this latest 'act'.

For instance, your blog is a lot of fun, I got a big smile on my face - over your 'Texas hood ornament'. People think me strange, but vultures are one of my joys. They circle my canyon here in Hill Country (yes, I am a Texan too), and enthrall me with their grace and their perfect fit in the world. Quarrelsome, smelly things that they are 'up close', they are a joy from a distance.

We have considered doing a couple of sculptures of buzzards in cement (love working with cement) and putting them on the entry gates to the property. Much more fitting than those self-important cement lions you see all over the place. What do lions have to do with Hill Country? Buzzards. Now there's an icon I can live with. Life's too short not

Fair Winds,

Cap'n Jan
Buzzard watcher until Fall, then back to the dolphins...

Cowtown Pattie said...

Cap'n Jan,

I was cheered to see your comment and know that our shared Texas hotbloodedness didn't cause mortal wounds ;-)

Vultures on a gate - perfecto for a Texas Hill Country Ranch.

I am pea-green; Kman and I would LOVE to get out of the city, but alas, we are tied to a paycheck until we become worm food. Our preferred locale would be around Alpine, Texas, but real estate there is silly outrageous - unless you wanna bake in Terlingua.

You can email me at

Please stay in touch - I would value your opinion - for real.