Saturday, June 14, 2008

Encore! Encore!

My friend, Ronni Bennett, who blogs at Time Goes By recently was selected to be a columnist for the Wall Street Journal in their semi-monthly publication called "Encore".

(* You can click on this link, then select the story, Put It In Writing)

Her first column was published today and it is a home run! Not only is it a first-rate piece of journalism, but I am very honored to have been mentioned in her article along with several other bloggers from her blogroll.

How cool to see your name (okay, your penname) in the danged WSJ!
We're movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in da skyyyyy!

Only bummer is to see some negative commentors at TGB who want to throw around the L word.

Run-of-the-mill liberals?

Son, you need to get out more. I can't speak for Ms. Ronni, nor do I intend to fight her battles for her, but to quote the Great Hag, you're walkin on the fightin' side of me to behave so rudely. Mind your manners and disagree if you wish, but there's no need to resort to adolescent name calling.

Enough of the negative - Onward, Ronni!


Ronni Bennett said...

If any of the folks who use the word "liberal" as a criticism return to TGB, I suspect there will more - uh, diverse - discussion on politics than there has been in the past - a good thing if, as you say, they keep a civil tongue.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I've long appreciated about Ronni Bennett is her acceptance of diverse viewpoints' being expressed in comments to her postings. I found the comment that you mention to be disagreeable, but did not find it in violation of my own rules for commenting to my blog. To wit:

"1. It is my intent that postings and comments be respectful of other readers/commenters. We all know that some heated debates can evolve in comments to blog postings. Please be advised that blatant disregard and disrespect toward other commenters or me is unacceptable.

"2. I will not allow name calling, racism, vulgarities, or blatant rudeness in the comments."

Of course, I took (perhaps incorrectly) a part of the comment that I think you have in mind to be an attempt at humor.

Regardless, Ronni was "right on" in her characterization of Cowtown Pattie. Congratulations to you both!
Cop Car

Cowtown Pattie said...

OH, CC, I don't think it was an attempt at humor. But, maybe I was too quick to jump to conclusions.

Being a character - that's my claim to fame, doncha know! All Texans like to think they are "characters".

joared said...

Glad to hear this good news about RB and TGB -- will have to check out what all this hoopla is about. One thing I've valued there is the civility of most. I'm sure whatever positive she said about TT and you is well deserved.