Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boogaloo Scootin'

If you like the sound of a jazzy Tex-Mex Gumbo kinda band, you gotta give The Iguanas a try (not to be confused with the Santana cover band of the same name). All their cds are great, but I especially like Nuevo Boogaloo (which unfortunately says it is out of print at their website).

I know I am late to the party - The Iguanas have been around a while - since 1989.
But, hey, I'ma groovin' to Boom, Boom, Boom. Here is an Iguanas' YouTube video, "Fortune Teller".

They've also played for years at the The Continental Club on South Congress in Austin. How the heck did I miss these guys?

One more music suggestion - here's an Austinite who is quintessential Texas honky tonk. You can't get Texas music better than this sample: Runaround by a fairly newcomer on the country music scene, Roger Wallace.

No matter if you have to dance by yourself, grab a cold Lone Star by the neck, toss some cornmeal on the kitchen floor (unless you happen to keep sawdust handy in the bottom cabinet), and scoot them boots, darlin'.

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joared said...

I can go for the Iguanas and their "Fortune Teller."