Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Albums

Bill, who blogs at Prairie Point, and I have been discussing first and/or embarrassing albums bought in our youth. Consider it a short meme and play along!

His revealing choice is here. While Bill's youthful foray into music was certainly not embarrassing, it is interesting to ponder how our musical tastes have changed with a few gray hairs. And, oh how I remember the tune on that video clip, Bill!

My folks owned a small country cafe when I was six years old, and it had the requisite jukebox. My brother and I begged dimes and quarters - I think you got three songs for a quarter? - from customers (those regulars who encouraged us) and the waitresses to play this tune over and over:

The first album I owned was a co-op purchase with baby brother and it was a rather radical choice at the time, given that the group was considered not only foreign, but wore their hair "long" to boot.

Our album? Why, Meet the Beatles, of course!

Second co-op album not long after was "Something New", the Beatles again. We were besotted, along with ninety-nine percent of young people in the early 60's.

As I recall, there was a long lull between these two albums and my next shopping trip to the record store. Finally into my early teens and earning babysitting money, I was in teenaged love heaven with an older man who sported white tights and a long pony-tail:

The album I bought was Something Happening(though the above video features the song, Kicks, which was not a track on Something Happening).

And surely at some point my brother, who loved and loves Fender guitars, and I had a Ventures album - check out these old rockin' dudes!


bill said...

I am a little unsure about my next album choices. My vinyl is all boxed up in the closet since I don't have a player at the moment. I would have to go through them to refresh my memory. Probably there are some real embarassments in there too.

Paul Revere was okay. The costume thing was weird though.

bill said...

Oh I have that Johnny Horton song on a 45 also.

tod said...

My first album was Sgt Pepper in the summer of '67, so I was almost 11. But my first 45 was I Feel Fine back in '64. I remember that my little sister, "the bear," left it on a radiator where it promptly melted upsetting me to no end. My grandparents, who are alive and well today at 95, ran right out and bought me a new one.

It's funny to me looking back on it that both my first single and first album were The Beatles because I was never a rabid Beatles fan. As a matter of fact, I'm more into them now than I was back then.

Rurality said...

10 cents a song or 3 for a quarter... I remember that! :)

Texas T-bone said...

My first was purchased in 1983 ... a now-classic celebrating its 25th anniversary during the Grammy's. Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Don't laugh. I was only 10 years old and not often mistaken for having a lot of taste back then.