Thursday, December 13, 2007

Texas Montage


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Kman was "doodling" as he calls it with a woodburning tool on a leftover piece of plywood from some project or other. When he was through, I insisted he put it in a frame, and we hung it on the den wall. My photography skills again do not do justice to the piece.

I especially love the section with Charlie Goodnight and the buffalo head, with train tracks disappearing behind them into a more modern era.

Lots of Texana represented in the montage - Quanah Parker, bluebonnets, yucca, Big Bend, South Padre Island, Texas piney woods, windmillls, longhorn cattle, Lone Star flag, the Alamo, and a nameless cowboy and his horse.


joared said...

That's some "doodle." Would love to see the actual piece. Lots of history there. Am always attracted to wood used in art forms.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Your husband could probably sneeze and create something beautifully artistic!

- T-bone

Hokule'a Kealoha said...

THAT is Fabulous, and I love the vision of the past traveling into the future with the tracks, as though the man was dreaming of a new tomorrow. I love it What a talent... you'll tell him for us,eh?