Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pie-Crust Promises

I remember him as if it were yesterday, as he came
plodding to the inn door, his sea chest following be-
hind him in a hand-barrow; a tall, strong, heavy, nutbrown man; his tarry pigtail falling over the shoulders of his soiled blue coat; his hands ragged and scarred,with black, broken nails; and the sabre cut acrossone cheek, a dirty, livid white. I remember him looking round the cove and whistling to himself as he did so, and then breaking out in that old sea-song that he sang so often afterwards...

If this doesn't make you want to jump full cannonball butt-first into a rereading (Or, horrors! A first-read!) of "Treasure Island", then...Trampus ain't your uncle.

You say you wanna res-oh-lu-shu-un, well-ell, you know...

Is it too early to start those New Year Pie-crust Promises? (For those uneducated in such vows - a pie-crust promise is one easily made, easily broken. No priest nor confessional booth needed.)

I shall start today with 2008 Resolution Number One:


It's a tough promise (heh), but one I am quite possibly able to fulfill...with joy.

The best kind.


SpookyRach said...

I thing this is the best resolution, EVER! I'm making the same one!

Roberta S said...

Pattie, how closely you echo my own thoughts. I finally have time to read and I am reading with passion all the oldies I didn't read and all the oldies I've longed for too long to read. That bit from "Treasure Island" would easily get me in the line up to read the story again.

Chancy said...

I have been reading a lot this past year or two and I am hoping to read even more during the coming year.

I just finished "The Glass Castle" "Kite Runner" "The Story of Lucy Gault" and others.

I have been requesting, via internet) some of the best sellers from our neighborhood library and even if it takes a while to get them I always have another book on the night stand to fill in.

Happy Reading in '08

Janie said...

Me, too, me too! I will read, more, more, more, just for the hell of it! Woohoo!

PS - I'm in your town....wanna hook up?