Monday, December 03, 2007

Magic Dust, Man!

Never one to settle for ho-ho hum, we've chosen our holiday yucca (a Spanish Bayonet), adorned it properly with chili pepper lights, and added our very own Pancho Claus who sings and nods his head to Feliz Navidad! Can you spy the little feathered rooster as the tree, er, yucca topper?

Later, we will add a piñata, Becto, the red-nosed burro! (Anyone remember Cheech's story "Santa Claus and his Old Lady?"

When you think about it, using a yucca makes more sense in Texas. After all, how often do you see a scotch pine covered prettily in snow out in our countryside? And, other than in perhaps certain Lone Star communities, how often would you encounter a German saint walking the streets of Lubbock as compared to an elder Spanish man wearing a big brimmed hat?

And, you are far more likely to discover burros than reindeer in any given Texas pasture.


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tod said...

Pancho Claus looks like he's been hanging out with Cheech a bit too much. :-)

Over here in Denmark, they have "Jule Mander" who's much the same as Pancho, except I think he eats a lot of herring and "Ris ala mande" which is a very sweet rice pudding with almonds and cherry sauce. Maybe Becto and Pancho would like some.

Glædelig jul

Hokule'a Kealoha said...

too fun. I think its very cool. Perhaps a retelling of Santa Claus and his Old Lady is in order hmmmmm.

joared said...

Like your holiday decorations. I recall when I first saw Christmas lights on a "Man of the Mountain" catus in AZ. Then, there were the three wise men -- robed and on their way -- yep, cacti, too.

Stu Savory said...

Just as long as you don't put a teddy bear on the tree and call it M******d ;-)

Stu Savory

bill said...

Nice mural behind the tree.

Bill said...

It's just not right. That's like decorating palm trees in Florida.

John said...

I like the photos!

Anonymous said...

Another advantage of the yucca is that little kids (or grandkids) aren't tempted to touch the thing. Even more safe would be a big, thorny mesquite tree.

I have to say that I love the mural, too. I bet I can guess who painted it, too. He's got real talent.

Merry Navidad!

- Texas T-bone