Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lydia Mendoza

Not to be morbid, but while on the subject of obituaries, (see post below) I also found a death notice for Lydia Mendoza, the Lark of the Border, and Queen of Tejano music.

NPR did a story on her a few years ago for one of the Kitchen Sisters series about the Chili Queens of San Antonio.

The NPR story has a link to Ms. Mendoza's most famous song, Mal Hombre.

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tod said...

The Chile Queens is a fantastic American Story. When the subject of who we are as Americans comes up over here in Denmark, I constantly find myself telling people stories like that one. That we're Mexicans and Italians and Africans, and Asians and Englishmen, and basically everyone.

One of the things I miss most over here is good Mexican food, so I'm going to try Lydia's recipe for Chiles Rellenos next week.