Tuesday, November 06, 2007

H.R. 1955


My friend, George M. Wallace, has a terrific thought-provoking post today:

Q: How Do You Tell the Difference Between an Islamic Lawyer and a Buddhist Monk?
A: The lawyers don't dress nearly so colorfully when set upon by the enforcers for repressive regimes.

In a well-written piece he ties the recent suspension of Pakistan's Constitution with our own homegrown Constitutional hatchet job called H.R. 1955. A must read. George blogs as A Fool In The Forest, but make no mistake, it is a clever disguise.

H.R. 1955, Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism and Prevention Act of 2007, sponsored by Rep. Jane Harmon [Dem-CA] recently passed the House of Representatives. Some are calling it the "Thought Crime" bill for good reason.

You must read this Bill . Written so badly, so vaguely, it gives the government carte blanche to interpret it however it sees fit.

Today at Time Goes By, Ronni has an excellent post about what's horribly wrong with this atrocious piece of legislation. Drop over there and read it.

I have written to both Senators Cornyn and Hutchison; I urge you to do the same with your Senators expressing your concerns.



George said...

You have inspired this fool to a bit of a rant in disdain of this bill and in support of our Constitution, with a tie-in to events elsewhere in our troubled world and the non-obvious title "Q: How Do You Tell the Difference Between an Islamic Lawyer and a Buddhist Monk?"

Thank you for your part in getting the word out on this atrocious bit of legislation. Neither party in Congress should be proud of the path down which they are leading us.

tdianestuart said...

Thanks again for the information, Miss Pattie. What a mess we have come to...

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