Saturday, October 06, 2007

If The Big "O" Can Do It...

Then, by damn, so can Pattie.

Start a bookclub, you know. Now, if perchance I discover Oprah's gold mine, well, I'd be sure to share.

May I recommend for your reading pleasure, a little tome written by a fella named William O. Douglas. You might have heard of him?

Was a judge of something or other...ahem.

The book is Farewell To Texas, A Vanishing Wilderness. I found a used copy here. Bought my own copy (which has Ft. Worth Public Library stamped on the page edges) in a garage sale by a used online bookseller going out of business. I guess she bought it at a Friends of the Library sale.

*As an aside, I love this phrase found at the library website: Free People Read Freely.

When this book was written, there were still ivory-billed woodpeckers in the Big Thicket forests. Sadly, it is believed they are extinct. What peckerheads humans can be.

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Though these words were written 40 years ago, they still ring true:

"Real estate operators are eating you away. There¹s no overall program for conservation," he told reporters. Douglas' book, published in 1967, was an indictment of dam-builders, ranchers, lumber companies, oil and gas companies, and others who were managing land resources in Texas.

He predicted: "The people of Texas are aroused against these modern Ahabs; and their voices are beginning to be heard. But heroic action is needed if the shining bits of wilderness that are left in Texas are to be salvaged."


Let's hope Jerry Patterson reads Texas Trifles.


bill said...

a book club sounds like a neat idea,
but you need to start with a book that is a little easier to locate.

Anonymous said...

I bet that book was STOLEN from the library and as its new owner you now owe the FWPL $13,457. Will that be cash or charge??

- T-bone