Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Dearest Readers, one and all,

I come to you today with pleading eyes and outstretched arms; asking your help in signing a petition to Governor Perry. Especially my Texas vatos, but anyone who loves visiting a national park should have a say in this matter.

Here is the link for signing. To read more about the shenanigans of the Texas General Land Office, here is a good place to start.

Many thanks with a big ol' Texas hug! You can know that you are observing one of ET's (Ernest Tubb) Texas commandments: Be good to your neighbors!


Bill at Prairie Point and Jeff at ArchaeoTexture are Number One Neighbors! Thanks, guys!


A reader from the Star Telegram, Suzanne Tolbert, had this to say to a recent editorial:

I don't think this is a gun issue. My gut tells me this is a water issue. In southwest Texas, water is more valuable than gold. There has been a lot of study of the Igneous Aquifer (water under Big Bend) in the last few years. It is supposed to be pristine, in comparison to a lot of the other water in west Texas. It lies in pockets that are pretty high---about 3000 feet above sea level--so it is unde hills and mountains not under flat ground.

There is a lot of development in west Texas now, housing complexes etc. Like the people who built Las Vegas, the developers in west Texas will need to increase water supplies quickly. Who are the mystery buyers who are so desperate to increase hunting opportunity in west Texas (where there are plenty of places to hunt already?). How do we know that they are not middle men who are buying the Christmas Mountains for people who really plan to suck dry the aquifer in order to supply water to a bunch of ill conceived cities that the region can not support? I realize that no "development" is allowed on the property, but when existing home owners start screaming for water, we all know that an exception for water drilling will be made.

This makes a whole lot of sense and opens up a HUGE can of worms...


SpookyRach said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Pattie!

Cowtown Pattie said...

You're most welcome, Miz Spooky!

Marcus said...

"Be better to your neighbors and you'll have better neighbors, dog gone, ya!"

The Texas Troubdour, Ernest Tubb

bill said...

Suzanne Tolbert may be on to something. I've seen some of those springs in the mountains so I know they exist. I don't know if there is much water in them though.

Anonymous said...

Will do, Miss Pattie! And thank you for the information.

John said...

I signed!