Saturday, October 27, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Are Mountains

Jimmy Patterson, who blogs at Sticky Doorknobs, takes aim at Jerry Patterson and his intention to sell off the Christmas Mountains to a private party.

Oh, and Jimmy wants ya'll to know they aint' kissin' cuzzins, neither.

His post, Jerry Patterson lands Scrooge role in latest Christmas Carol, is very informative with links and quotes from bloggers you might, ahem, recognize. (See Pattie's lame attempt at being subtle.)

Me? I'm just thrilled to be quoted alongside DailyKos! Good bloggy friend, Bill, who writes at Prairie Point is linked as well.

Let's hope bloggers can make a difference, a real difference in keeping the Christmas Mountains in the public domain.

Thanks, Jimmy, for doin' your part and for allowing my opinions at Sticky Doorknobs.


Jimmy Patterson said...


Thank you, patty for being a catalyst for all this fightback.


joared said...

Surely hope you Texans can keep your Christmas Mtns out of the hands of private developers. Similar issues can easily be a problem in other states, including my own Calif.

Hog Hunting Texas said...

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