Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Unchartered Waters

Thank you, readers, so very much for all your kind comments and well wishes. It brightened my day tremendously to get those back pats and hugs.

When things settle down a bit, I intend to expound on this experience a bit more. Some of you may have already been down the path of caring for ill parents or grandparents and you know this firsthand. For those of you with some time to spare, my travails may be of some interest. Or not.

Mom is in an LTAC - long term acute care hospital. She will be getting breathing treatments and physical therapy to regain some mobility and strength. We are moving her this morning from one badly managed LTAC to a better facility - I hope.

Right now her vital signs are on the upswing, but her mental acuity is not doing so well. The nurses are attributing the dementia to medications, and it may be so. However, I am not sure that is the exact cause. Time will tell if the disorientation and hallucinations will improve, etc. She did flatline for a few minutes, and there very well may be some residual lasting brain damage.

I am mentally and physically pretty wrung out. My own mental state is more like a soggy doughnut than a Gillette razorblade.

Hopefully I can have something more lighthearted to read in a few days if you want to hang around a bit. My days are beginning to have a routine again and that is much better.

Mucho gratitude, mi amigos...


SpookyRach said...

Hang in there, Pattie.

bill said...

I've been there.

I think the medications they use do exacerbate the dementia.

millie garfield said...

Yes, I've been there, done that.

What the nurse said about the medication causing the dementa could very well be what is happening. I saw that when my mother was hospitized.

The combination of the med's and being in a strange place can do it.

It doesn't take much to confuse us elders.

Take care.

Trace said...


My grandmother went through the dementia as well. Medications do contribute some.
Peace to your mom; and, take care of yourself.

Ron Sullivan said...

What they said about the meds. Plus there's a real and transient phenomenon called "ICU dementia" that can happen to anyone at any age in an ICU. Plus plus, several of the people I know who have had heart attacks or heart surgery have had transient dementias. Really nutso stuff sometimes, too -- voices, conspiracies, walls full of explosive bugs, like that. Plus plus plus, the first sign my late elderly MIL showed when she got pneumonia (several times) was going genially off her gourd.

So, no certainty and lots of ugly suspense, but not necessarily doom either.

I'm crossing fingers for you. Good luck.

Norman said...

My thoughts are with you.

Kay Dennison said...

Hang tough, Pattie! All of you will get through this! My prayers are with you!

Jeff said...

Been there, done that, praying for you all ..... take care, Miss Pattie!

nina said...

We don't need anything lighthearted to read. But I do hope that your heart will be lighter and things will continue to improve for your mom. Lots of good vibes heading your way.

joared said...

Glad your Mom is able to receive some care which will hopefully help with her recovery. I know these are difficult times for all. Patience. Take good care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother has a somewhat opposite problem, she is as healthy as a horse but doesn't have any short-term memory. Her long-term memory starts about 30 years ago. It's hard no matter what, but hang in there.

- Texas T-bone

on-my-mind said...

Hang in there, CP. You and Mom will be in my prayers.