Friday, May 04, 2007

We Will, We Will Loch You!

Friday gallivanting - don't have a ticket to ride, but a simple mouse will provide the next best thing.

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Take your pick of Scottish Castles from this site, and have yourself a roaming in the countryside of long long ago.

While you're at it, try listening to clips of this talented bunch of Shelties, or a tribute to Scotland, the Brave!

Or, maybe your tastes are a little more rockin: The Red Hot Chilli Pipers with their very own kilt following.

Then again, perhaps humor is your bag.

Ah, romance and mystic revelations, you say?

If you think this post has something to do with SNP, you may be right. Something quite romantic about Scottish sovereignty.

Who knew the power of the electronic rodent?


F.C. Bearded said...

"Something quite romantic about Scottish sovereignty" right enough, but nothing romantic about the SNP.

If they ever did achieve "Independence" the SNP would be totally flummoxed. Who could this party of career whiners blame for their misfortunes after the filthy English had "gone"? They'd have to find some substitute rather quickly - maybe the tinkers or the gypsies or somesuch - because without such scapegoats they are nothing.

I used to hold romantic illusions of scottish sovereignty too; and romantic illusions of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Nowadays, I dunno: I can see some good coming out of it, but not sure that would outweigh the benefits of the Union. Which benefits, of course, no-one in Scotland will appreciate until they lose them.

It's part of our Identity to be the lesser partner in the Union; something we unwittingly take great pride in. As somebody once remarked, the wide-world over is filled with statues to Great Englishmen; but its streets are all named after scots.

F.C. Bearded said...

'Course having ranted all that, have to tell you that there is no finer citysight to be had than taking the train to Edinburgh, walking up the ramp out of Waverly Station, past all the taxis, and having the castle rise in front of your eyes.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Ah, I knew you could set me straight on the SNP.

But, hey, doesn't it count that Sir Sean Connery is behind it?

I wished I could see that picture you of these days.

F.C. Bearded said...

Yup, Sir Sean supports Independence - but he's very much of the "stand on your own feet and stop yer crybabyin' school. Which is a fairly good philosophy; and maybe, were that to happen, would be the "good" I was alluding to. But I'm not sure it's worth separation.

Jeff said...

Ay, Lassie, thank ye' for the bonnie tour of the old country.

By the wee ... an interesting take on what Scotland actually gained from Union with England can be found in the book, "How the Scots Invented the Modern World," by Athur Herman ..... he makes a very interesting and pursuasive argument, even for one like myself, whose ancestors fought the English at Bannockburn, and later at Prestonpans and Culloden .....

Alba an Aigh!

Peter said...

That castles link is a major time suck!

Trace said...

Thank ye kindly Miss Pattie. Love checking out interesting bits of the old country. Gonna' go take a longer gander of it all...

Pancho said...

I'm glad to see "Castle Craig" mentioned! Though it looks like a dump.....sorta' like it's namesake in Midland. I suppose I'll have to go reclaim my title and fix the place up.

Laird Wallace of Craig

Stu Savory said...

Ah thankye, Pattie.

I dae feel homesick the noo :-(

But Ah'll nae fash maesel :-)