Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Three years ago tomorrow, Kman and I tackled this beautiful hike in Big Bend National Park.

It was my "Over the Hill" 50th birthday. I much preferred the way we celebrated it by really going over the hill rather than some goofy party with black cake, black balloons, and black leis.

Black buzzards are so much more...interesting: (see them on the fence to the left of the windmill when you click the image to enlarge?)

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Sadly, this year we won't be in the Bend for my birthday, but maybe soon for another hike up Lost Mine Trails


Trace said...

What a lovely sight, Miss Pattie. Much, much better than the black cake crap.

Let me be one of the first, I hope, to wish you a Happy Birthday!!

I hope you'll get to go back there soon.

Anonymous said...



SpookyRach said...

Happy b-day! Love this photo!

Jeff said...

We'll head around the Bend for you! Happy Birthday, Miss Pattie!

millie garfield said...

Happy Birthday Pattie!!!! Here's to good times, good health, good friends and good luck!!!

DarkoV said...

Happy Belated Birthday, CP!
What a great way to spend that over-the-hump aging line of demarcation. Moving forward in ALL directions.

We're pulling for you to pull NO muscles.

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday! Hoping you'll get to celebrate at some point with a big, healthy dose of "real" Texas.

- Texas T-bone

joared said...

A belated Happy Birthday from me, too. Gee, 50 is only the beginning of the next half of someone's life, or at least that's my view. Even though you may be past that marker now, you're still just a babe in the Texas hills!

Janie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Pattie! May you and the K-man see many more West Texas sunsets and many more Big Bend sunrises!