Sunday, April 22, 2007

What I Like About Texas

Ah, the wonders of YouTube.

What I Like About Texas

(Tip o'tha stetson to Kathleen of Texas Outback yahoo group for the link.)

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Trace said...

A Wonderous Video from "You Tube".

Gave me such a feel for Texas.

Made my mouth water up for a Lone Star beer, as well. Thanks for sharing.

Ladygrande said...

Thanks so much for this! Love Gary P. Nunn!! The video is awesome also.

joared said...

I saw scenes here of a Texas I'd never seen before. I remember in Oct. '48 excitedly awaiting seeing the Rio Grande River, expecting this huge rushing river, and what we crossed was dry as a bone, with no sign of water.

I remember visiting The Alamo, driving to San Antonio's Lackland Air Force Base, where I had to try to sleep overnight in the backseat of the car. I spent the night combating the biggest mosquitos I'd ever encountered -- why, they were so big, I had to fight off two of them, or they would have carried me away.

Then, we headed back north, then west, taking a highway across Texas into New Mexico on a road that seemed to go on forever and was flat. Yet, when we stopped the car, put it in neutral, it would roll backwards, so guess we were on an incline, though it surely didn't look like it.

Those pictures in the video were downright inviting, and the countryside awesome. Guess I'll have to return to Texas sometime and see all I missed.

BTW is the Texas Stetson sill manufactured? My brother still has his hat from many years ago, I think. Must be a collector's item by now.