Sunday, April 29, 2007

Patio Art Furniture -One of a Kind!

Kman has been hard at work on this project for a couple of weeks. Made from old solid wood doors, this piece of patio art/furniture is most certainly unique!

I love it!

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The photo below was blurry - should have changed out batteries...

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It's still a work in progress - we have a couple of more little items to shellac onto the tabletop - some old postcards of Pancho Villa, a saint, etc.

Notice the pennies? Everywhere in the Terlingua Ghost Town cemetery, there are pennies on every grave. To pay the Boatman, perhaps?

More random yard photos here.


SpookyRach said...


Anonymous said...

What a fun piece! You must really enjoy life on the patio.

Janie said...

Funky cool!

Trace said...

Yowsa! I LOVE it too!

This piece reminds me of the kind of stuff me my best friend from college used to really "dig".

I haven't seen her in a while, but I am sure she is still enjoying super cool and groovy things as I still do now. I know she would love this piece as well. Thanks for sharing Pattie and Kman.

Trace said...

Also, I checked out your "fantabulous" other yard photos, and have decided that, if or when Sam kicks me outta' here, I wanna' live in your back yard woman!

Gwynne said...

That's an amazing piece...great use of old materials and a lot of fun. We actually collected old doors for awhile, planning to do something fun with them and finally decided on a big bonfire. Now, I regret that decision. But the bonfire was fun while it lasted. ;-) Your yard is wonderful!

Hokule'a Kealoha said...