Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kenny Fred's and Miss J's


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If you want to slow time down a bit, stop awhile to chat in Bluff Dale with Kenny Fred. He and Miss J have done a awesome job restoring this old building. Kman may even do a mural for them soon. Kenny Fred can also sell you some Texas cactus for your garden, give you a great history of the area, and make you feel like you might have known him all your life - a genuine "Good Ol' Boy" (the best kind).

Oh, and the old truck? Her name is "Jennifer". I thought this photo was cool in black and white - really could be from another place in time.



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If you are a wine lover, Bluff Dale even has a winery and vineyard. Kman and I didn't take time to drop by there, but plan on doing that soon.

For more pictures from Sunday's razzoo, here's the web album link. Has more wildflowers, a storm cloud or two and the inside decor of Kenny Fred's place. Like this little beaut:

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe any self-respecting bobcat would drink Coors Light. No wonder he didn't survive.

Seriously, looks like an interesting place.

prairie point

Trace said...

Excellent photos. I gotta' get to Bluff Dale someday.

Hokule'a Kealoha said...

Ah Texas BlueBonnets! We arrived here on the mainland and saw the sight of fields of them as we drove out of Houston into Montgomery County, to the place we were staying. So pretty.

joared said...

I dearly love seeing fields of wildflowers as in your picture, Pattie. Can recall similar views of our California Poppies, Then, years ago we came upon whole desert areas in Arizona that were a mass of color where there had been none for years, but we had a really wet spring that year which brought forth all those dormant seeds that seemed to suddenly appear from nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Good ol Kenny Freds place. I have known this place for years, actually I met Kenny when he ran the deer processing business which he has sold to another local. Kenny Fred is one unique fella. You are right though. If you visit once he makes you feel like family and remembers you every time you come back! -TM Fort Worth

Cowtown Pattie said...

TM - thanks for stopping by!

We saw Kenny Fred last in Fort Davis. We were driving down the main drag, and saw a familiar looking fella sitting in front of a nice adobe house just watching the traffic and selling cactus.

I told my husand, "Stop! It's Kenny Fred!"

Sure 'nuf it was!