Monday, April 02, 2007

I've Been a Miner for a Heart of Gold

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Once upon a time, I lived in Golden, Colorado for about 4 months. It was summertime, and the Colorado Rockies were a new playground for a Texas girl raised in a prairie town. First time away from home and parents and a very young 19 years old.

My mom, brother, aunt and cousin were visiting in June and getting the day tour (read staying with Pattie in a very crowded one bedroom apartment). This photo was taken near Central City / BlackHawk; old mining towns now finding gold in the pockets of tourists sporting baggy shorts and wearing white Keds' boaters with black nylon socks.

While out driving the countryside, we spotted this old truck on the side of the road. Just sitting there, a thing out of time, and losing the battle with Mother Nature. The insides were totally rusted out, so my brother and I were crouched to make it appear as though we were sitting. As I recall, our young cousin was not a totally willing poser for this photo, but she lasted for the few seconds it took to snap. I laugh whenever I see this photo; the arched eyebrow expression is so our family trademark, and "Bear" and I both have it perfected. You can't see it very well, but the "Bear" also has a great Kirk Douglas chin. I may have my differences with my brother, but underneath the tough, Mr. Businessman exterior, the Bear has a heart of gold. Shhhh, just don't tell him Pattie said so. Would ruin his Wall Street image.


joared said...

Great photo! Know the area of which you speak. Trying to remember if the truck was still there last time. lol
Central City was the site not too many years ago when the machines there "tinkled" out a few coins for me. Pretty country and mountain roads there.

Ladygrande said...

Great song!
I've been on those roads --- many, many years ago, too. Miss all those exploring days! Thanks for the reminder.

Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

Cameras were invented for photos like that.

- Texas T-bone

Jeff said...

19? You were old enough for Colorado 'near-beer' !


Trace said...

Meant to tell ya' Pattie ~ I really love this photo! Looks like a fantastic memory captured there.