Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cat!

Ouch - thanks for the heads up about the links not working - I think it's fixed now!

Help celebrate the 50th birthday of that rascally cat, Cat in the Hat!

Please visit the the Cat's Place to send the Cat a birthday e-card. For each e-card received, Random House will donate a book to First Reads to support literacy.

I just checked Texas' stats - and we are waaaay behind - 35th out of 50 states.

Send those cards and help keep kids reading! It's fun and easy.

I double dog dare ya.


Janie said...

Yo, Chica - the link no workie...

George Wallace said...

Three Cheers for the Cat
There's no Cat that's slimmer, man,
Exceptin' that Cat who was
Christened Bob Zimmerman:

Dylan Hears a Who!

joared said...

I tried to visit the Cat's place, but couldn't connect either, besides the card probably won't help Texas, since I'm in Calif., but like the idea of the book donation for helping literacy.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Janie - you are a hoot! I think the linkie is fixie now.

George - ahhh, another great original witty ditty from the master!

Joared - You can choose which state you want to give to...and you can do it more than once!

Trace said...

I will go there. Thanks Pattie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, ad the heads up about a good cause.

Unfortunately, we need to talk it up in Illinois. We're 29th out of 50.


Janie said...

The link, she works! Jessss!

Jo Ann said...

Okie doakie, I went to see the Cat!