Monday, February 12, 2007

Billy Rose in Old Cowtown - 1937

(Photo Courtesy Amber Di Giovanni)

From the Star-Telegram pages of yesteryear:

Billy Rose, professor of highjinks at the Frontier Fiesta, will offer postgraduate courses in the True and Practical Arts on Sunset Trail and in Casa Manana tonight. He will open a school on Sunset Trail to teach wives the art of undressing before their husbands and will stage a "bump" contest for the education of the Puritan in Casa Manana.

Appropriately enough, Professor Rose has taken over the Fire Hall on Sunset Trail for his "How to Undress" school. There, without benefit of textbooks, notebooks or pencil, he will offer a thorough course in the finer points of esthetic disrobing. The "How to Undress" school will combine practical information with an historical survey course to show how times have changed since Grandma snuggled up to Grandpa in red flannel nightgown and with her hair in curlers.

One of the Professor Rose's instructors will illustrate the wrong, the terribly wrong, way to undress before your husband. Another of the instructors will illustrate the right, the wonderfully right, way to undress before your husband. Both will be supplied with laboratory material such as appropriate lingerie, boudoir furniture and a clothing store dummy to serve, for purposes of illustration, as the man in the case.

Try the New Bump

The "Bump" contest in Casa Manana will be a feature of the all-new jamboree going into the second show tonight. The "bump" is a relatively new phrase to describe the "Ugh" in cooch dance.

Five Casa Manana girls who will match their cooch dancing against the world are Mary Lou Bentley ( third and last of the "Little Egypts"), Talutha DeNoyer, Marilyn Randall, Virginia Doffelmeyer and Margo Linder. The contest is open to any who want to enter.

A group of Paul Whiteman's Orchestra boys will be on the stage to provide low, hot rhythm for the contest.

Other features of the all-new jamboree for next will will include an overture by the Whiteman Orchestra, the California Varsity Eight in a medley from Student Prince, Gomex and Winona in two entirely new numbers, Everett Marshall singing Old Man River, the Chorus doing the hot Chicago number from last year's Revue and Harriet Hoctor dancing to Mood Indigo. In addition to these regularly scheduled features, the jamboree will continue to live by the slogan:
"Anything Can Happen Here!"


SpookyRach said...

Damn, Pattie! I am IMPRESSED. And just a little skeered.

Bill said...

Casa Manana seems to have changed a little over the years.

Anonymous said... dummies as props?? Would have been a lot more effective with real, live, red-blooded MEN for props! I mean, you could see the results of undressing correctly, or incorrectly much better with a live one! *G*

I'm babbling....I'll go now....


joared said...

Paul Whiteman's musicians were far more accomplished than I ever gave them credit for being. To think I always associated them with George Gerhswin's music!

Any chance someone might up date the lesson plan for this class? Or, maybe it's simply a matter of "the old ways are the best ways."

Pancho said...

What does their sign say? "Dude Ranch" or "Nude Ranch"?