Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Great Uncle Ace


On January 12th, Uncle Ace would have been 95; my second cousin, Tim, wrote to me last Wednesday to tell me about his passing.

I was sad for my cousin, and I was very angry with myself. How many years had I said I needed to get down to Austin to visit with this last remaining member of my grandfather's immediate family? I waited too long.

Uncle Ace's fiery quick temper was well-known to most friends and family, with lots of tales about his misadventures. In his younger years, I have no doubt his bite was just as mean as his bark, but I never saw that side of him. Later, after my grandfather had died, I always felt drawn to Uncle Ace because he so reminded me of my beloved "Pa-Pa".

So with much sadness, I say goodbye to a favorite uncle. You were loved and will be remembered.
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Anonymous said...

Ooohwee, I bet he was a character! You can see it in his eyes. I know you'll miss him.

Favorite uncles are hard to find - I had a couple, myself.

Bless you, Pattie.

Karen said...

I'm sorry for your loss, my dear. I, too, have fallen out of touch with too many living uncles and aunts.

joared said...

My sympathy with the passing of your uncle. He was a handsome guy with a devilish look in his eye. All too often we put off visits to special people in our lives and then suddenly it's no longer possible. No point in being angry with yourself, but if there are others, don't wait -- write, phone or visit them instead.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss. He definitely didn't take a boring photo, did he?

bill said...

great photo. It captures his personality I suspect. I love the way he seems to be glancing up at the camera. Most of the family photos i have from that era are very stiffly posed.

Trace said...

Damn, what a fine looking man he was.

I am sorry for your loss. He looked like quite the character in that photo; I suspect he's somewhere havin' a grand ole' time, and thinkin', "Pattie, don't fret so."