Monday, January 29, 2007

In the Year 2525

Did anyone besides me and Kman watch this last night and get freaked out?

I have two words for ya'll: George. Orwell.

Makes our desire to be here and "living off the grid" even more stronger.


GUYK said...

it would be roughing it, huh?

bill said...

Wish I had seen it.

When we moved to the country we decided to discontinue our satellite service for awhile and see if we could learn to live without TV. Mostly it's worked. There are certain big "events" like sports that we feel left out of, and shows like this one that people talk about.

Anonymous said...

CP, Rememebr how we were all promised in the 60's and even 70's that by the 2000's we'd be jet-packing, or driving cars in the air, or living in 300 story apartments? Well, the 2000's are here and I'm still using up shoe leather. These futuristic shows always strike me in similarity of the hazy thinking I get into when pondering what I'll be doing when I win that $200 Million lottery. Always comes out with the same result; wait for the next decade for any of this to ever happen.

Hell, the Muslims are fighting the Muslims. Our futuristic war machine is sucking up sand. Most nations seem to hate us. I beleive we'll be lucky to make it out of the 2070's alive. can use any excuse you want to end up living in the Big End. And if floating Cigar Cars is waht drives you there, hard on the gas.

Bill said...

Gee, I didn't know you had this stuff in Texas.

joared said...

Didn't see this show as I don't bother with cable. There are some shows I wish I'd seen, and this is probably one of them. Love this photo for many reasons, but all that blue really resonates with me, too.

Anonymous said...

Take me off the grid, too. Of course, we'll all have to shut down our computers and stop this whole blogging thing.

- T-bone