Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10 Power-Packed Questions

Razib of Gene Expression, has an interview with Heather MacDonald here.

Thanks again, to Michael of 2blowhards for the link. I love Michael's take on the interview and Razib's blog:

Once again, thank heavens for entrepreneurial bloggers. Journalism may need Razib more than science does.

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bill said...

Thanks for the links. I hadn't heard of her or of either of those two blogs. Enjoyed it.

It's often seemed to me that atheists are as likely as not to be conservatives or libertarians. When I was in high school I recall a whole cadre of Ayn Rand followers who fit this pattern. It would be interesting to see some statistics about the political leanings of atheists.

Conversely there are plenty of christian liberals.

For a number of reasons various people who call themselves conservatives are starting to look around and realize that they do not care to be associated with one another. This often happens when a movement experiences setbacks. I expect you will see more frequently reports of conservatives trying to set themselves apart from those they perceive as losers, witness her dismissal of Bush as "not really a conservative."