Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday's Name That Tune!

I don't believe this little musical Jeopardy can be won by anyone under the age of 45, but I suppose there are a few younger folk out there who know good music when they hear it.

Name this song (don't you dare google!) and extra points for the name of the album - yes, I said "album" (clue here). I was/am a big fan of these guys. Did much to "highbrow" the rock genre of the 70's. There, that's the last clue!

On the seven seas there was a phantom ship acoming,
Shinin' in the dead of night,
I heard the crew a hummin'
Tunes that sounded like the Rolling Stones and Leonard Cohen.
But they didn't know the words,
So I assumed that they was foreign.

But I heard them just the same doctor let me teach 'em,
I just wanna please 'em, doctor let me teach 'em.

I looked up in the sky there was a phantom plane a comin',
Shinin' in the dead of night,
I heard the pilot saying,
Poems that were written by John Keats and Robert Browning.
But he didn't know the words so,
I suppose that it was nothing.


Doctor please believe me, I know you won't decieve me,
But do these things I'm seein', have any hidden meaning.
It's all good entertainment and it doesn't cost a penny.
So please doc, let me teach 'em, if I could only reach 'em.


Anonymous said...

ELO? That album, forgot the name, with Dorothy's ruby slippers and the Wicked Witch's greenish/prurplish hands waiting to snatch 'em?

...I shouldn't be remembering these things; I thought I'd had my memory cells cleared from that long ago.

Cowtown Pattie said...

DarkoV, yes that album. Now, name the album and the song!

Does anyone else besides me think ELO's compositions sound a lot like something John Lennon would compose on this album?

The Beatles flavor gave this album a boost, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, CP, on that score my memory's expunged. I guess I could go Google/Amazon it but, let's face it, that's just way too much effort for ELO.

Let me go peel a grape.

Anonymous said...

I'm just proud of me that I know that ELO = Electric Light Orchestra???? Much after my time. You youngsters had funny songs! *chuckling*
Cop Car