Monday, October 02, 2006

Do You Love Marine Animals?

A word of caution: it will take an act of courage and a strong stomach for you to watch these heartbreaking videos.

There are some bright spots of hope in the preservation and conservation groups working to stop the inhumane and wasteful fishing industries, but they neeed all of our help.

Please, please visit these sites, write your congressman/woman, your senators, and contribute in any way possible, monetary or just staying involved. Both the Oceana site, and the Blue Voice site have links that make it easy.

They thank you.


joared said...

Yes, I fear what is being done to the creatures of the ocean. Glad you're bringing attention to some of the concerns.

GUYK said...

I was a part of the marine fishing industry for many years n just about every facet of it from commercial fishing to guide and charter boat work to later wholesale and retail of bait and tackle as well as the manufacture of custom fishing rods.

I am among the first to agree that the commercial fishing interests are wasteful and kill way to much marine life... in Florida some years back we had to get an amendment to the state constitution to ban gill netting in state water. It may take the same to ban long liners and force shrimpers to use Bottlenose Dolphin proof trolls.

True outdoorsmen are sincere about protecting our natural resources. However, there is a difference between protecting the resources and banning fishing and boating as the enviro-nuts want to do.

Trace said...

I have always adored the dolphin. I tried to begin watching the video, but I simply could not stand such cruelty. I'll definitely do what I can to speak out against such tyranny.