Friday, October 06, 2006

De-baitin' Texans - Enquiring Minds Wanna Fish

Tonight will be the only gubernatorial candidate debate before the November elections for Texas governor. The setup has been weird, only Belo stations have the rights to the debate, and only Belo reporters can ask questions. I smell a fishy partisan party.

You can get the info here at Kinky's website. For all you Cowtown folk, you can tune in locally to WFAA Channel 8 on your television dial. (Ha! Gotcha - no more dials on TV's!)

At last look-see, the polls reflected that over two-thirds of Texas voters wanted Perry out, but it will be a cold day in McAllen before those mouths will actually get up off their ranch-style bean butts to actually vote. It's pathetic, I tell you.

If Texans allow Captain Goodhair to claim the mansion for another term, I might just snort jalapeno juice out my nose for fun and celebration. If you care to join me, you can buy your very own right 'chere.


GUYK said...

I hear that Kinky is gonna go to Austin

SpookyRach said...

And what the hell is the deal with havin' the debate at 7:00 p.m. on a Friday night in the fall? Hello? NO ONE IS HOME THEN IN TEXAS!!!

I have a dark fear that Goodhair will indeed be re-elected with about 35% of the vote. I am so with you on the snorting/crying celebration.

Anonymous said...

I am really afraid Goodhair is headed back to office. The people who want him out are going to be spread out among the other candidates, so . . . I'm with you on the snorting/crying part.

Karen said...

I watched the debate - not exactly stimulating tv, in my opinion!

bill said...

Totally missed the debate. Any good quotes?