Friday, September 15, 2006

Travels With My Uncle Jim

...well, maybe not MY uncle.

Jim, the blogging postman and friend extraordinaire, is touring the highways and the byways of the US.

Lucky for us, he put Cowtown on his list of destinations. I got to meet another of my favorite blog buddies in person! That's the best - putting a face and a real person to a name. And Jim is certainly real - real nice, real funny, real all 'round honorary Texan.

We so enjoyed our visit, just wished it could have been longer. Jim has a busy, busy schedule so I am just grateful he could make time for a stopover.

Jim, you come back soon and bring all the family next time! We'll make special plans for a Big Bend bloggers camp out!

Hey, Midland Boys (Eric, Jeff, Jimmy, Pancho) you up for camping out in BB?


Eric said...

My wife wants me to ask you to "define camping." ;-)

But, we'll sign up for the hikes, as long as we can make a hotel our base camp (preferably the Gage in Marathon).

Barbee' said...

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