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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cherry Chariots


Aren't these wheels hot?

(Also taken in Waxahachie, Texas a few weekends ago) Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

The first machine is a knee tickling device for when you’re watching TV and nothing gives you a buzz after being so used to violence and other supposedly hard scenes. You don’t really have to do anything apart from having it near your favourite sitting place. It works all by itself, it has an infrared mechanism that detects lack of movement; so if you’re not moving with excitement, the machine will tickle your knees. This machine also doubles up as a diet machine; a very effective one as it feels or rather, it hears the rumbling of your stomach, mistaking it by the roar of a lion and immediately sets it’s tentacles to work following a very complicated self defence mechanism. It can almost tickle you to death. The only way to stop the machine is to shout really loudly into the centre piece that you’re not hungry or bored. The only problem with this machine so far is that is has killed many people as no one knew what language the inventor used when he created the machine.

The second machine is obviously a hairdryer of any prestigious saloon, it has one main function: to keep that silly lady (yes, there’s always one of those) from walking all over the shop offering her opinion on everybody’s hair does, or worse, going to the nail varnish bottles box and try all the nail varnishes on her toe nails, emptying the shop almost instantly due to a very peculiar cheesy smell. How does it keep the client there? Gosh! It dangles down and then swings towards the lady’s earrings, when that happens, the lady lifts her hands from the magazine and tries to untangle the mess only to find that her fingernails get tangled up too. She’s got no other choice than to stay there quietly until somebody comes and rescues her. Somebody does eventually but just when there’s another women of those on sight in the shop.

have fun.... by the way, could I send these pictures to a writer's group? I could come up with a couple of stories with these two great pictures...