Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ode To The Grackle

AND from my most favorite savant:


Only those with a humorous knack'll
Even try to make sport of the grackle.
I commend the Bleak Mouse.
You have brought down the house
On a task that I never could tackle.

The Limerick Savant

Bleak Mouse left this as a comment, but I think it deserves top billing:

The grackle's the jackal of the full-flighted packle,
And oh how I'd cackle to see
His beak go crackle as it smackled dried spackle,
Or flew straight into a tree.
It might raise a few hackles to laugh at the grackle,
But the bird is quite useless, you know.
Has a hideous quackle, 'sno no good in the sackle,
And spits his tobackle below.
No one mourns the lackle of grackle for snackle,
And those plops on your backle are gross.
Friends of the grackle should be stretched on the rackle
And be shackled and hackled hastepost.

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