Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gettin' My Synergistic Groove On


At the risk of being tagged "Tree Hugger" or any other misguided name-calling, I will admit to being more than a little intrigued by the theory of ecopsychology.

Whenever we can, the Kman and I get out of the city and head for the nearest pasture or woods or mountain we can find. With the advent of $3 dollar per gallon gasoline, it puts a big bite in our budget to scamper every weekend, but we try to fit it in at least twice a month. Recharges our batteries and temporarily restores a balance that is woefully missing from our pavement parenthesied lives.

Lately, I have been reading at an interesting site: Seeds for Thought, a collaborative blog of varied writers on the subject of ecopsychology.

I found this one particularly interesting: "Granny D's ecopsychology".

Ecopsychology may not be Everyman's cup o'hibiscus tea, but getting back to nature is seldom a bad board move in the chessgame of life.

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