Saturday, October 22, 2005

Croutons On A Cow Pie

A few of my rowdy friends who stop by on occasion are more philosophical than fractious. I must confess to having do a little heavy surfing just to keep up with their wickedly fast rhetoric.

Attempting to keep the quantum pace they set, I strive to stitch up this ole sow's ear with glistening threads spun from the sacrifices of many Bombyx Mori. To which inevitably proves one can successfully expunge a Fräulein from the Hinterland; however, it is far more gordian to transpose said process.

And so, rather than beat my confused brow against the likes of Plato and Wittgenstein, I give you Pattie's take on life:

By G.T. Burton

Randy Jones and Booger Red
Were ridin' drag one day
And contemplating scenes of life
As they rode along their way.
They talked of life's philosophy
And the role that nature played.
Of grass 'n flowers 'n and stubborn cows,
And the way the world was made.

Booger said: "I've trailed these cows
For thirty days and more,
And I perceive a simple truth
I think you should explore.
I've made an observation;
Got it thought out to the letter.
No matter where the chips may fall
I'm sure the cows feel better."

My own personal favorite philosopher claims his idea of a modern convenience is velcro chaps; a man who defines a cowboy as "someone who can replace a uterine prolapse in a range cow in a three section pasture with nothing but a horse and a rope": Mr. Baxter Black.

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